Who Are You Really?

On the afternoon of May 2, 2014 I became a full-time entrepreneur.

I turned in my badge, my computer, signed some paperwork, and took home a packet of documents that established that I was a former employee.

With the money I had saved up from my government job, I was on my way to forge my path on my own journey.


Like a Diamond

Entrepreneurship felt right for me because I knew things about myself that no everyone knew.

I had a passion to create something that was my own. I did not want to stay small and invisible in a large corporate setting. I wanted to achieve a larger sense of accomplishment. I also knew I could withstand a great deal of risk and uncertainty.

I was strong, strong-willed, and such a diamond in the rough – only a few who were paying attention could see who I really am.

You Only Need Yourself

Have you ever felt the need to break free from something you felt kept you small? Have you ever just known you have what it takes inside you to forge your own path to greatness? A lot of people who become entrepreneurs have this feeling in common.

You might feel it right now in a career that just doesn’t quite feel right. You know there is more of you to show the world. You’re making a company stronger – but you really want to make you stronger.

You want to serve people and be accountable to them and yourself. You don’t need the judgment and evaluation of someone who has less insight than you about your abilities, or can’t see how you think (or won’t listen to how you think) appreciate your ideas, and gut instincts.

Maybe you’re not comfortable with your company or the environment just doesn’t support your kind of genius. You try to share your gifts but it just doesn’t “click”. You know that the only way you can prove yourself right about who you are is to prepare yourself and then jump in with both feet.

Some of us don’t need a supervisor to judge us to know we are great. Some of us were wired in such a way that we only need to compete with ourselves to discover ourselves as confident, competent leaders.

Who Am I Now?

I have been riding the waves of this journey that, at times, have felt like a rip tide. Granted, all of my experiences, former and more recent, led me to who I am now.

I’m so much more than an attorney.

I am . . . a leader, litigator, negotiator, writer, legal writer, advocate, course developer, legal analyst, policy analyst, qualitative evaluator, quantitative evaluator, auditor, supervisor, project manager, researcher, problem solver, investigator, panelist, speaker, counselor, Rising Star, Super Lawyer, Lead Attorney, Top 10 Attorney for Maryland, and Top 100 Black Attorney.

That’s where I am today – who knows what the future holds!

I am proud of all that I have accomplished so far! If there is one thing I do know, it’s that I am excited to see where the next wave takes me.

Have you made the leap into entrepreneurship? Tell me your story!

Pawnee A. Davis

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