Sweet Dreams

We’re well into Spring, and as you’re chugging away at all the tasks you have on your plate, have you incorporated a business strategy you can be proud of? I don’t mean a business plan that everyone says you should have. I mean have you sat down and had a thorough analysis of your business by an independent source who can think about things in ways that you never have? Maybe this is the time.

I’ve done many evaluations where I had to make sure that money was being spent in the most efficient and effective ways. I went into the work, knowing very little, and not knowing what I didn’t know. Every new evaluation brought new things to learn. So, I had to pull from my prior experience and read some new and old literature on the subject matter.

When I would do an evaluation I even planned my plan. In a nutshell, this was my design plan for how I would do the work. After determining whether there would be any hiccups in the process, I set out to learn all that I could about that businesses processes, procedures, practices, and the current condition, or state of the business, while keeping an eye out for anything that hampered the efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

In the end, I found that, in doing this work I had:

Identified improvements that could make the business, industry, or individuals better off than they were;
Saved thousands of dollars for that business or industry, if recommendations were implemented; and
Added to the literature to establish best practices for the next evaluation of a similar kind.

This process an art and a science. But requires the kind of thinking that is heavily analytic, detail-oriented, but one that also sees the larger picture.

To implement this type of program for your business, you’ll need:

Someone to get familiar with your day-to-day processes;
To provide information and data that can be reviewed;
To be open-minded enough to accept a new way of doing things.
If you’ve ever seen Gordon Ramsey’s show, Kitchen Nightmares, it is a similar concept. However, I won’t swear at you, I won’t yell, I won’t throw food, and I won’t embarrass you on television (or otherwise, for that matter)! All I ask is that you let down your guard a little – just enough- to allow for a little thinking outside the box so that we can do things like you’ve never done so that you get what you’ve never got! And it’ll be more like a sweet dream than a Kitchen Nightmare!