Protection from Abuse: Restraining Order

Restraining orders are granted in civil court when a judge decides that domestic violence occurred. Some people get confused about the difference domestic violence that ends up in a civil court versus a criminal court and prosecuted by a District Attorney or State’s Attorney’s Office. First, I want to be clear that this firm handles domestic violence cases and the remedy is a restraining order. Domestic violence is abuse by someone related to you or who had a romantic relationship with you. For example:

1) It is your spouse doing the abuse
2) It is a family member
3) It is someone you are dating
4) You have a child in common with the abuser
And crimes that include stalking, harassment, assault, sexual assault, and threats of assault.

If you fall into the above criteria then you likely have the type of case where you can get a restraining order.

Some people wonder if they need an attorney. You need an attorney if you have evidence you want to present and you don’t know how to because you’re not a lawyer. You need an attorney if the other side has an attorney because that attorney will know legal procedure, strategy, what makes her able to win her case, and the list goes on.

Watch the video below for some information on domestic violence cases.