Let 2018 Be Memorable for Your Business and Family!

It’s 2018. A new year. And it came so fast! It is another chance to do better than the prior year! This marker we set every 12 months to renew and reclaim our lives is quite arbitrary if you think about it. It’s just another day that we hype up and find another reason to spend money for. We make it a special day though, and it’s good to have a reason to celebrate in these shorter, darker days of winter.

I have to be honest that, although it’s an arbitrary marker, I’ve made January 1, 2018 my marker for starting some things anew. At the end of 2017 I decided that I would reinvent my law practice. As a former GAO analyst who spent a decade evaluating organizations and their programs, I can’t help but analyze whether I have improvements to make and how close I’ve gotten to certain targets. And, a guiding principle I took from GAO is that, if I find the cause of the problem whatever solution I come up with should remedy the cause.  Then, after 12 months have passed I will look back on 2018, and have a story to tell myself after assessing how the year went.

So, I made several recommendations for myself and the business. Depending on how familiar you are with the law firm you may know that I launched a new website in December. I was ready for a fresh, new look. I’ve concluded that my ideal client should be able to relate to me, but first they have to get a sense of who I am. I can’t tell you. I have to show you. I like helping entrepreneurs and other professionals who find themselves in various situations that call for legal help. That includes business owners who don’t know they need certain documents, records, and systems in place. I am a problem solver and I want to help you become a fully functioning business that will grow and be taken seriously. Others will be helped by my family law experience when they need a divorce and need to know what they are entitled to or what assets they should think about protecting. And anyone, of course, can have a car accident or slip and fall and injure themselves. Personal injury should be taken seriously and you should be compensated when someone is neglectful or a reckless driver. And if you are in a violent relationship, you don’t want to wait to take some action, especially if your children are seeing the domestic violence.

How are you going to make 2018 better? Will you take deliberate action to get your legal house in order and do that one thing you were putting off. I know that it always makes me feel better to get things off my plate. Maybe it will make you feel better, too!