Do You Need Legal Protection

Do You Need Legal Protection

Do I need protection? You may be thinking – “I’m good. I don’t have anything disrupting my life.” You may be surprised by what can disrupt the calm in your life without a consult with a lawyer.

What do my 3 practice areas have in common? I want to protect your family! I practice in Divorce & Family Law, Business Law, and Personal Injury.

While these may seem to be very different and disparate areas, they are not for me and I’ll tell you why!

Divorce & Family Law

Well, this is quite obvious, right? But I will tell you what is specific to me.

Prenuptial Agreement

Have you considered a prenuptial agreement? In my experience working with couples, I believe it is wise have a prenuptial agreement prepared so that you can protect your and your fiancés future should your marriage and family split up.

I know – the prenup really gets a bad rap. Creating this document really doesn’t forecast the demise of your relationship, contrary to popular belief.

A prenup involves both finance(e)s’ planning what they would like to own or have an interest in. It is actually similar to a separation agreement, but occurs when you’re happily in love rather than splitting up.

Wouldn’t you rather have it and never use it then not have it and end up in an expensive legal fight if you need to leave? It will save you time, significant money and heartache should it ever be needed.


Divorce cases split up a family, but the positive side is that it helps each spouse create an opportunity for another family.

As your lawyer I can help you protect your assets so that you don’t lose more than you should and will walk away with what you are entitled to.

It is an unfortunate reality that domestic violence comes up in families from time to time. I want to help ensure you will be protected from abuse by someone in your family or by an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend whom, at some point, you thought would become family.


If you are a business owner you want to protect it is in the best interest of you and the future of your company to have legal counsel.

As a business owner, ignorance of laws doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility of adhering to them. There ways to stay legally compliant with applicable laws and protect your portion of the business and I can help you with that.

Were you shortchanged by co-owners? You can gain protection with litigation.

Personal Injury

When you walk into a business your mind is focused on the reason you are there, as it should be. When a company is negligent in maintaining a safe environment and you injure yourself, you need your rights protected.

The insurance company for that company is interested in not giving you much money. They are a business and their job is to protect their bottom line. Your interest is in making you whole, and it is my job to protect that interest.

If your family needs legal help, I am here for you. I am as invested in the well-being of your family as you are! I am family-oriented and want to protect yours!